Saturday, January 21, 2012

Porta Potti 135 from Thetford

Porta Potti 135

Sincerely hope You Are Set for the Newest Porta Potti 135

In the continuous competition to have the latest and of course the most successful Porta Potti 135, our company will continue to strive to redesign the product. While it is certainly not expected to fully redesign this particular product, we feel that our ground-up strategy inside the progress of our latest offering establishes our latest product many years ahead of our closest competition, instead of merely being content to always be merely another member of the exact same worn out products club.

Even though there might be numerous very similar goods available today, we know that every bit of the study which has gone inside our current Porta Potti 135 will definitely be worth it. Instead of settling for exactly the same functions that have been there, our developers resolved that this simply isn't adequate. Undoubtedly we retained each of the wonderful features you've come to anticipate from our items, nevertheless we've likewise included a lot of fresh and really exceptional features to it.

In order to make the Porta Potti 135 the very best product out there, we went to venture to our toughest test market. Yes its true we heard the people who actually count when it comes to developing our new releases, we hear precisely what our buyers inform us they require. At manufacturer we all feel that while our developers create a excellent product, it is simply by listening to what you need are we able to come up with a genuinely wonderful product that you'll be very happy to invest your hard earned money on.

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Porta Potti 135
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High gloss, easy to clean portable two-piece fresh water toilet. Convenient no-splash, pour-out spout. Has built-in storage compartment for holding tank deodorant. Fresh water flushes bowl. A 2.6 gallon waste holding tank detaches for easy emptying. Available in parchment color. 12 inch height; 13-1/2 inch wide; 15 inch deep.


  • PART # 37784
  • 15 1-16" (L) x 13 9-16" (W) x 12 1-8" (H)

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